Mission – Vision

Vision RODE S.R.L.

Being leaders in the Argentine Market Construction Projects Quality, enjoying build them with our customers in a sustainable way, innovative and efficient, always defending our values.

Mission RODE S.R.L

We are a construction company, committed to achieving the complete satisfaction of our clients with regards to quality that our works are developed, making lasting in time, while preserving our human resources, instilling efficiency, continuous improvement and safety on work play and sense of belonging to the organization.
At the same time, our commitment is to make a concrete and necessary contribution to the community, through which we seek to provide the tools necessary for our society to develop their own potential without falling into paternalism.


Integrity: Weassume an honest, transparent, consistent and austere behavior. The payment, soliciting or acceptance of bribes in any form are unacceptable practices.

Commitment: a job well done oriented towards continuous improvement. We promote interaction, effort and contribution of all our staff towards achieving results and customer satisfaction.

Respect: we care for our links with others, attending with efficiency, courtesy and a spirit of service requirements we are requested, eliminating any attitude of arrogance and / or arrogance.
Trust: we build relationships based on personal and professional consideration, provide support and security to our customers, our staff and the entire society.

Teamwork: means the way we work, because when things are done in society, the results are always the best.

Permanent attitude of service: we offer our customers full support and commitment in achieving its objectives. We encourage and exercise the personal and active treatment for our staff.

Efficiency: we make things the way they were applied with minimum resources.

Innovation: we convert knowledge and ideas into value for our customers and for the company.